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Here is a simple set of instructions to build a toy motorcycle. You will need:
  1. Google Sketchup to design all the parts
  2. A 3D printer
  3. 4 colors of ABS plastic (black, white, red, gray)
  4. 30 hours to waste to design the thing
Print all the 21 parts.

Join the 2 rims halfs and the tyre for each of the 2 wheels.

Join the rear wheel and rear axel.

Add the wheel to the frame.

Insert the radiator.

Take the tail lamp.

Insert it into the rear wheel guard.

Add the rear wheel guard to the frame.

Add the exhaust.

Take the engine.

Fit the tank onto the engine.

Add the engine to the frame.

Fit the seat.

Take the front axel.

Add the front wheel.

Add the fork.

Insert the fork onto the frame.

Add the handlebar.

Add the 2 springs and the headlamp.

Finished product.

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